XFORCE Invests in For Metas

The exploration of blockchain by countless people has made the virtual game industry based on blockchain flourish. When it comes to virtual games, the first thing we think of is GameFi, which is undoubtedly the hottest field at the moment. GameFi naturally has a distributed advantage that the traditional game industry does not have. Players can gain income through GameFi, making money while playing – Play to Earn. It’s also one of GameFi’s biggest selling points.


Therefore, XFORCE decided to invest in For Metas, For Metas (4MW) is a blockchain game aggregation platform for the future Metaverse. Committed to building a sustainable, open, and autonomous Metaverse ecosystem with games as the core, and injecting lasting vitality into the value of the platform through the construction of the game ecosystem. For Metas will continue to bring top-notch games and game experiences to platform players.


For Meta World aims to build the world’s largest Gamefi platform under extreme deflationary mode. For Meta World integrates game development, user experience, game launch, game incubation, game asset trading, etc., where users can enjoy the fun of the game and get monetary rewards. At the same time, developers will be able to access various resources in the game industry to create explosive games.

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