When football meets Web3.0, what will happen? Greedland will launch Davida’s NFT for the FIFA World Cup 2022

Football is recognized as the number one sport in the world today, with over 1.6 billion fans worldwide. As the 2022 World Cup in Qatar draws nearer, football’s interest in the crypto community is also on the rise.


The football culture industry is of great value, and Web3 is undoubtedly one of the best catalytic tools in this industry. Therefore, the Greedland team, a fan who has been deeply involved in the field of Web3, is determined to integrate Web3.0 and football, so that Web3 can help the development of the football industry in various countries.




In terms of NFT distribution, Greedland intends to release David’s CUP NFT for the Qatar World Cup to commemorate the first football feast after COVID-19. In addition, Greedland will cooperate strategically with the FA Cup, the world’s oldest football competition, to jointly develop a series of short video NFTs of English league stars’ wonderful goals – FA Crypto GOAL, so as to provide top stars, teams, The competition injects the vitality of the blockchain. It is true that football NFT is never a new topic, but Greedland hopes to use the power of Web3 to cast every memorable football past and every wonderful goal moment into an unforgettable digital memory for every fan.


Greedland will also accelerate the pace of entering the Metaverse, and plans to launch a set of smart football equipment, covering smart football, sneakers, bracelets, vests, integrating IoT and Blockchain, etc., and will bring the concept and gameplay of Kick 2 Earn to the Metaverse. Simultaneously explore VR technology and strive to build a World CUP in the metaverse, opening up a bridge between the real football world and MetaSoccer.


In addition, Greedland said that they will cooperate with a potential privacy public chain to help large, medium and small clubs in various countries to establish their own DAOs in the form of Sidechain smart contracts, allowing fans to vote on club affairs and achieve A more fan-oriented club; and through NFT tickets and souvenirs, the problem of counterfeiting and digital distribution is solved, and the team’s exclusive fan Token is issued to help small and medium-sized teams generate revenue and increase the popularity of top teams. There will be more decentralized finance and asset tokenization methods to establish a tokenized financial mechanism for the team, so that the next century of the Centennial Club will be more intelligent and prosperous.


Soccer meets Web3.0, what kind of spark will it collide? I believe that in the future, Greedland will give the answer. It is also believed that Greedland will eventually become the world’s leading football blockchain financial technology provider.


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