Web3 application aggregation platform ForMetas and Ethereum Fair establish an ecological partnership

Web3 application aggregation platform ForMetas and Ethereum Fair establish an ecological partnership

ChainCatcher news: ForMetas announced that it has officially reached a strategic cooperation with Ethereum Fair to join the ETHF ecosystem. In the future, the two sides will carry out deeper cooperation to jointly promote the implementation of Web3 applications. Users can directly participate in the ETHF ecosystem through ForMetas, and seamlessly transfer digital assets in multiple networks while maintaining privacy.

It is reported that ForMetas is building a Web3 application aggregation platform that provides users with a smooth and immersive entertainment experience. Its goal is to establish a one-stop hub, where users can obtain various entertainment resources in a fast, secure, licensing free, motivating and decentralized way within a platform, including but not limited to multiple applications such as chain games, live broadcasts, social networking, meta universe and AR/VR.

In addition, Gloryland, the first game of ForMetas, is currently in internal testing and is expected to be officially launched in January 2023.



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