VITAMINE co-sponsored the BTC 2022 Conference and achieved gratifying results

· VITAMINE co-sponsor the Bitcoin Conference (BTC) 2022 in Miami

· Leading industry event attracted huge interest on- and offline

· VITAMINE achieved its aim to expand its brand awareness and presence within the cryptocurrency community.

As a BTC co-sponsor, VITAMINE increased its brand’s visibility and got in front of over 35,000 bitcoin users attending this year’s event from April 6-9 in Miami. VITAMINE had a presenting booth at the conference, while visitors could also engage with the brand online. VITAMINE exchanged with global industry leaders and further carved out its identity as a Bitcoin company and innovator. During this conference, VITAMINE signed a letter of intent with ALPHA DIGITAL (HOLDINGS) PTE. LTD., to provide farm maintenance services. Cooperation was also agreed on with further leading institutions in the industry, including MicroBT. During the conference, VITAMINE emphasized its longstanding cooperative relationship with partners, such as MicroBT. For the ETH-POWER miners just unveiled, VITAMINE is the only distributor in North America. VITAMINE not only boasts a large amount of stock, it also offers its customers an absolute price advantage in the market.


BTC 2022 was the largest Bitcoin event in history, exploring the technological advancements, financial empowerment and countercultural influence that surround this open-source technology. Over 35,000 people in attendance, including over 3,000 companies, over seven million livestream viewers worldwide. The event already has the reputation as one of the most attended and longest-running conferences in the industry.


BTC 2022 featured discussions on how to make smart contracts scalable, the future of crypto regulation and the future possibilities of NFTs. This year’s conference also introduced crypto masterclasses where participants learned how to navigate and lead the transformation of the blockchain landscape as it continues to gather widespread popularity across the globe. Plus, powerhouse panels gave attendees the opportunity to hear industry pioneers dissect practical applications and opportunities of the new global economy and the digital revolution.


VITAMINE is always looking forward to collaborating with global industry leaders and providing our ultimate one-stop services to crypto enthusiasts.

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