Swing Era—Decentralized Blockchain Sports Competitive Traffic Platform

With the global stage of the cryptocurrency myth, the “business revolution” brought by the blockchain is gradually recognized by people, and the application of the blockchain in finance, social networking, education, entertainment and other fields has also begun to create one miracle after another ‘s fruit. As a representative of the new and heavy application of blockchain in the traffic platform, Swing Era is the first to start a one-stop decentralized traffic ecological platform, which will completely subvert the ecology of sports and competitive games.

Founded in 2022, Swing Era is a blockchain-focused sports competition ecological platform dedicated to the integration and innovation of traditional Internet sports competitions and blockchain technology. Combining blockchain technology and token economic model, we will create a new blockchain value flow ecosystem that is decentralized, distributed, trusted, and shared rights, and actively promote the metaverse sports and competitive game ecosystem. At present, the Swing Era ecological construction token BGT has been connected to a decentralized wallet for transactions. The safe and guaranteed consumption based on smart contracts has been audited by professional institutions and favored by many users.

In the traditional sports ecosystem, participants (including game developers, game operators, retailers and service providers, etc.) all operate in their own unique environment, directly or indirectly providing services to players, which is a business with weak interaction. For this reason, Swing Era creates an open entertainment traffic platform with strong interaction and high adhesion based on blockchain technology to realize Real entertainment economic integration. Bring a new dimension to the entire game competition and related industry ecosystem, and make the entertainment world three-dimensional.

The Swing Era ecological founding team and technical team are a very experienced team. Team members have market and practical experience in DAPP development, DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, chain games, auctions, etc. They not only have strong technical capabilities, but also have Excellent scientific research ability, has achieved outstanding results in many fields. And Swing Era will be guided by the International Cue Club (International Cue Club), initiated by Swing Cue Club and Swing Era, and lead the research and development and operation. At that time, there will be top international billiard masters to help the entire industry development of Swing Era.

The “Hit to Earn” business model adopted by Swing Era is the latest development in the gaming industry. This model embraces the concept of an open economy capable of giving players ownership of in-game assets and allowing players to increase their value by actively playing the game. Restore the true nature of the game through the blockchain, allowing players from Hit-to-fun to Hit-to-earn, allowing all parties involved in the game entertainment ecosystem to share the maximum market dividends!

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