SEIDD is a Turing-complete blockchain underlying protocol

Seidd public chain has started global registration and promotion on July 31, 2022. Seidd makes trust easier. Seidd is a customizable and Turing complete underlying basic agreement of blockchain. Seidd is composed of micro kernel and functional modules. Through the stripping of events and services, it realizes a highly modular underlying architecture, provides operating mechanisms such as smart contracts, privacy, Oracle machines, Multi Chain parallelism, cross chain consensus, etc., reduces the cost of development and use, and promotes the process of blockchain business applications.

Seidd establishes a distributed Oracle data network to interact with real-world data; It provides standardized solutions for many application scenarios, such as financial data transmission, decentralized financial protocols, anti-counterfeiting and traceability, asset ownership, identity information, storage, insurance, etc; It can perfectly integrate and seamlessly interact with services outside the blockchain, such as payment, smart contract execution contract, and any service that can be executed through API. The core technical team is composed of the former technical members of Microsoft, Google and Facebook.

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