NFT leader! The AMAZING PANDAVERSE generation is the perfect ending! The new track is about to start!

AMAZING PANDAVERSE NFT came through! Bring the ultimate artistic experience!


2021 is called the “first year” of the Metaverse. In the same year, NFT fully blossomed with the explosion of the Metaverse. Today , this wave is still continuing . With this strong upsurge and unstoppable trend, AMAZING PANDAVERSE comes out. AMAZING PANDAVERSE is a digital collectible built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is classified according to its rarity and different characteristics. It is equipped with more than 250 design elements, and finally generates 2,829 AMAZING PANDAVERSE NFTs. With the strong endorsement and full support of AMAZING PANDA’s original intellectual property rights, it is committed to pushing the NFT with the charm of “Oriental Language” to a higher level of art.

The success of a project is not accidental, and when it has the conditions to become a hot item, success is inevitable. The ” AMAZING PANDAVERSE ” series of NFTs is just like this. In a short period of time after the launch, it has already created impressive results. AMAZING PANDAVERSE has also created a community called Pandaren, dedicated to uniting many AMAZING PANDAVERSE NFT holders to build their own NFT ecosystem.

Top-notch teamwork and trendy art have created a “popular model” in the NFT industry driven by the trend. At present, AMAZING PANDAVERSE is frequently linked with the current hot NFT projects, and has rapidly accumulated tens of thousands of communities by virtue of its own advantages and operations. Users, AMAZING PANDAVERSE has attracted the favor of a lot of celebrity celebrities, and has received calls from many celebrities such as Ouyang Jing, ICE, KnowKnow, Tizzy T, Melo, Psy P, etc.



The first stage was a complete success! Start the second stage of the N FT art journey!

Now, AMAZING PANDAVERSE has been on the line for about a month, and it has been loved by many people and has achieved great success!

Up to now, the AMAZING PANDAVERSE generation NFT has been maintained at around 0.7 ETH from the initial price of 0.15 ETH , which is already a very good result. With the continuous improvement of the future ecology, its value is immeasurable!

The first stage was a complete success! Start the second stage of the N FT art journey!

Now, AMAZING PANDAVERSE has been on the line for about a month, and it has been loved by many people and has achieved great success!

Up to now, the AMAZING PANDAVERSE generation NFT has been maintained at around 0.7 ETH from the initial price of 0.15 ETH , which is already a very good result. With the continuous improvement of the future ecology, its value is immeasurable!


Generation of N FT makes all participants clearly feel that the advancement and implementation of the AMAZING PANDAVERSE roadmap is being completed rapidly . This has created many reasons for holding their NFTs for a long time , including at each stage of the project, there will be new ways of playing to give certain rewards to the holders . With the steady increase of holders in the market , The value of A MAZING PANDAVERSE N FT in its hands will increase accordingly , and in the process, holders will also receive more dividends, making AMAZING PANDAVERSE NFT an extremely valuable investment project in the N FT market . The solid foundation and the hot trend collide to create an infinite future. Therefore, after achieving great success, A MAZING PANDAVERSE decided to climb to a new height and open the second generation of AMAZING PANDAVERSE 12 constellation series NFT!

Do not forget the original intention Thanks for giving back to a generation of N FT holders!

At the same time as the opening of the second phase, in order to better give back to the first generation of NFT holders who joined AMAZING PANDAVERSE in the early stage and unswervingly follow AMAZING PANDAVERSE, the second phase will open many exclusive rights for them: all AM AZING PANDAVERS first Each generation of NFT holders will receive a certain number of random blind box airdrop rewards from the second-generation constellation NFT panda chest . At the same time, the first generation of NFT holders will also have priority to obtain the initial qualification of Panda Token ($PNDV) ID O. Wait for a series of rewards to continue to empower AMAZING PANDAVERSE generation holders.

second generation of 12 constellation N FT is about to land: gameplay upgrade Bring a new experience!

With the opening of the second generation 12 constellation N FT , the official has opened up a wealth of gameplay, new ideas and more reward modes for each pandaren. Next, I will introduce them to you one by one!

• Panda Token ($PNDV)

Panda Token $PNDV is the native token used throughout the ecosystem . Will be issued on Binance Smart Chain . The Panda Token $PNDV will become an integral part of every Pandaren ‘s daily life , with multiple applications and functions .

• Panda Chest

All of AMAZING PANDAVERSE ‘s pandas come from the long history of pandas, originating from the 12 constellations that define their ancestry and lineage . To discover their true purpose and inner qualities, pandaren embark on an exciting journey, collecting all 12 constellations to trace their lineage. It is worth mentioning that the second-generation NFT series will be hidden in the 666,000 mysterious panda chests released on Binance Chain, divided into three different rarity levels: emerald , sapphire and ruby . One of the 12 constellations can be randomly opened in the treasure chest.


Players need to collect all 12 constellations by opening the treasure chest. After exploring the entire panda universe and collecting all 12 constellations, a series of new events will be triggered , and the final decision The fate of AMAZING PANDAVERSE . And these different constellations with special significance will bring more innovative experiences!

• Panda DAO Organization

At this stage, we will work with pandaren to find and collect the 12 constellations. These rare ancient artifacts have attracted worldwide attention due to their immense value, leading to the formation of the Panda DAO , to identify the Pandaren that we gain key opinions on many of these constellations . In order to be eligible to participate in the Panda DAO , Pandaren members must first earn the Mars DAO Medal and the Venus DAO Medal. When you become a member of the Panda DAO organization, you will work closely with the AMAZING PANDAVERSE team to discuss how to manage the community. Major future decisions will also be voted on within Panda DAO , unlocking rewards including huge panda tokens ($PNDV) . Panda DAO will play a key role in the future progress and construction of AMAZING PANDAVERSE .

• Panda Roulette

Panda Roulette is a lucky artifact from the stars that descends from the sky to the planet of AMAZING PANDAVERSE to bring down wealth and reward brave pandaren members, as long as they have enough courage and luck , they can dedicate the treasures in the panda chest to Panda Roulette in exchange for good luck. For distinguished Pandaren who have collected many constellations , in order to activate the magic of Panda Roulette, Pandaren members must dedicate their Panda Constellation NFT and Panda Token $PNDV to Emerald Roulette, Sapphire Roulette and Ruby Stone Roulette to get random rewards .

• Panda upgrade mining

Newly launched Panda Upgrade Mining, by exploring AMAZING PANDAVERSE and uncovering the mystery of 12 born stars , Pandaren members will be able to combine specific constellations to evolve into Bronze Epic Panda, Silver Legend Panda and Gold Myth Panda . These special pandas have the ability to mine Panda Tokens ($PNDV) , offering generous rewards to members who own them .

In the future, AMAZING PANDAVERSE will follow the established route to a better goal. This can also better confirm the original intention of AMAZING PANDAVERSE, especially the earliest participants. If you have missed the first generation of NFTs before, then this time, you must not miss the second generation. The earlier you participate, the more you will gain!

latest information on the second- generation N FT , you can follow various official accounts of AMAZING PANDAVERSE . The new gameplay, new creativity, and new reward model will spawn new market waves and great prospects. AMAZING PANDAVERSE second- generation 12 constellation N FT is coming ! Stay tuned!

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