MetaWorld Global announces successful partnership with OKX

Metaworld Global, a leading developer and commercializer of Web 3.0 platforms, today announced that it has achieved a programmatic partnership with OKX.

With this collaboration, MetaWorld Global becomes the first company with a Web 3.0 platform that works with overseas exchanges.

This partnership is expected to introduce new concepts of Web 3.0 that have not been seen in Korea and play a major role in laying the foundation for the Web 3.0 field.

In particular, it provides various functions such as an SNS sharing platform, product payment, and point exchange, and provides substantial revenue generation opportunities for platform participants.

“This collaboration will provide an important foundation for our future business model,” said Geunho Lee, Chairman of MetaWorld Global. “Consumers will be able to enjoy new benefits through a Web 3.0 platform that provides a consumer-centric shopping experience and the possibility of interlocking various business programs.”

“We will create even greater synergies through the activities of our users as we bring MetaWorld Global’s technology and information power to the world.”

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