METAHERO GameFi is going to overturn esports industry? How many times of MHC will moon?

It's a parallel network with the real world that users can access through virtual reality. It is also a huge, collective virtual world that is open to users all over the world, where people can play roles, play games, socialize, communicate, etc. This is the Metaverse.

From the classical phase of literature, art and religion to the neoclassical phase of science fiction and video game forms, the metaverse have transcended what Neal Stephenson set out to mean. It has absorbed information communication (5G/6G), Internet technology (Web 3.0 ), AI and XR technology, and entered the stage of highly intelligent form with "decentralized" games as the carrier, showing in front of people with a more digital and inclusive attitude.

As a metaverse of immersive experiences, Games are certainly one of the best carriers.

MetaHero is based on the decentralized solution of esports GameFi + entertainment live streaming industry, aiming at an ecosystem jointly created by various GameFi, esports network dramas, all esports players, esports stars, live streaming platforms, esports reality shows and cross-border partners.

Being the first online GameFi, the core of MetaHero is a decentralized game based on blockchain technology. It uses cryptocurrency as settlement Token to create a Token circulating in each project, so as to connect user relations between different levels and form a new blockchain ecosystem.

In order to realize the huge MetaHero ecosystem in the future, in addition to the GameFi itself, it is necessary to establish the most comprehensive centralized game virtual prop trading platform to prepare for the asset circulation in the tribe. With the development of blockchain technology, the new MetaHero decentralized ecosystem will provide ubiquitous liquidity for game items, providing more value to the game market and participants. Here, the participants are primarily game developers, publishers, and game players, as well as game item markets, transaction promoters, and other contributors. In this ecosystem, economic value is distributed among all participants to ensure that they receive their due.

The new MetaHero decentralized world ecosystem will bring huge benefits to game players. With unprecedented flexibility and the ability to buy, sell and hand in game items directly to other gamers, players can get tremendous value from their hard-earned game items. And crucially, they will do so in a fraud-free environment, something that never existed before blockchain technology became available.

This is the first year of metaverse, and esports has become an official event of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games. MetaHero will grasp the integration and innovation of the two tracks and continue to explore the development potential of metaverse esports, on the basis of adhering to the strategy of "esports drives games and data flow drives the real economy". Virtual reality technology as the realization path, the formation of innovative digital products, integrated into the practical scene application requirements, to promote the further realization of the current value of the "metaverse".

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