K-Play platform officially launched the Metaverse Project, which project to encourage ecological co-builders to make contributions based on the platform

On April 4, K-play's CA and CTO Hamed Nilforoshan attended a salon event held by Polygon Network with the theme "Blockchain Empowers the Future of the Metaverse". After the event, in the interview, he said that K-play would officially launch the first Metaverse Project after the end of the global ecological co-builder recruitment plan. At the same time, K-play issued a certain amount of KPT tokens to reward eligible ecological co-builders. The Metaverse Project is a collaborative competition, which uses the encrypted digital currency (KPT) as a reward to encourage ecological co-builders to contribute to the construction of the Metaverse ecological application.

Ecological co-builders are those who jointly participate in the ecological construction of K-play platform and make contributions to ecological development. They are strategic partners of K-play platform as well. Ecological co-builders take the important part in honoring the ecological application of K-play metaverse. The K-play platform accredits the ecological co-builders' exclusive permission, which can directly enter the K-play metaverse world through the metaverse portal opened by the K-play platform, and the ecological co-builders can develop various metaverse ecological applications on the platform independently, enrich the underlying ecological construction of the metaverse, obtain benefits and rewards, and enjoy the right to independently distribute the benefits and rewards.

K-play platform has implemented the guarantee fund system in order to standardize the behavior of ecological co-builders. All ecological co-builders of K-play need to pay a certain proportion of deposit to the platform as the financial guarantee for their performance of the ecological co-builders' agreement. The K-play platform needs the participation and contribution of more ecological co-builders to develop more portals linking the K-play metaverse around the world to realize the integration of the virtual and real world.

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