GTP is a public chain technology based on the underlying blockchain

The intelligent application medical system created by GTP-based blockchain + large-scale data technology aims to solve the problems of rapid development of the global medical industry, such as unclear medical information, data inaccessibility, and degree of intelligence.


It takes people’s health as the core, and forms a medical and health cloud service platform by building a special scientific research management system, a scientific research big data retrieval system, and an operational analysis and decision support system. Realize the aggregation, management and sharing of multi-center data, provide big data application tools, and realize the structuring and standardized processing of data; Integrated operation and management of medical intelligent system

At present, in the field of blockchain + medical treatment, there is a cross-generational scientific research capacity. In the future, GTP will always maintain and develop its leading position in the field of medical informatization, enabling rapid and sustainable development of global medical informatization.

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