Greedland invested by X Force Foundation will launch 1st NFT – DAVID’S CUP and starts to mint soon

Greedland is going to release David’s CUP NFT this winter, Qatar, to commemorate the first football feast after COVID-19, combining traditional classic aesthetic elements with modern style, interpreting the literature and art of the crypto art era with a new concept The rise of the revival, the post-pandemic boom, and the quadrennial football frenzy.


Greedland is bringing Web3 ‘s most innovative ideas to integrate the traditional and passionate football world into the new wave of the NFT.

Greedland is negotiating cooperation with a number of smart hardware suppliers and well-known sports equipment brands around the world to launch a set of smart football equipment, including smart football, sneakers, wristbands, and vests. The integration of IoT and Blockchain enables every football lover Players can get rewards from the WEB3 world while exercising and fighting hard.

Next, Greedland will bring the philosophy and gameplay of Kick 2 Earn to the Metaverse. Our technical team is actively exploring VR technology, hoping to build a World CUP in the Metaverse and open up a bridge between the real football world and MetaSoccer. Exciting times are coming soon.

In addition, Greedland will cooperate with a potential privacy public chain to help large, medium and small clubs in various countries establish their own DAOs in the form of Sidechain smart contracts, so that fans can vote on club affairs and provide support for the fan base. Provide a transparent pulse and give clubs the opportunity to be more fan-oriented; NFT tickets and souvenirs solve the problem of counterfeiting and digital distribution; team-exclusive fan tokens help small and medium-sized teams to generate revenue and raise awareness for top teams , more modern.

In addition, there will be more ways of decentralized finance and asset tokenization to establish a tokenized financial mechanism for the team, so that the next century of the Centennial Club will be more intelligent and prosperous.

Greedland will eventually become the world’s leading football blockchain fintech provider.

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