FOMO Intelligence Quantization is available to public soon

Recently, Singapore-based crypto fintech company FOMO Pay announced the completion of $13 million in Series A round of financing, led by Jump Cryptoto, HashKey Capital、Antalpha Ventures、AbInitio Capital And Republic Capital participated. Start FOMO Two Quantitative Services at the Same Time FOMO Intelligence Quantization.
The vision of FOMO is to be the leading global banking service provider in the fast digital economy, supporting digital payment services, including cryptocurrencies, and working closely with regulators offering central bank digital currency (CBDC) projects.

FOMO intelligence quantization is a brand new business layout design, It will launch an intelligent quantitative system based on the stable coin USDT, aiming to create the world’s leading decentralized financial platform, leading the digital world to “wealth management + DeFi” for ten years. Build two parallel blockchain applications in the FOMO Intelligent Quantitative Ecosystem, which will each run to provide different services. The main network relying on the stable coin is still called USDT.

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