ANIMETA online event, 10,000 platform NFT blind boxes for free

ANIMETA Introduction:

ANIMETA is a semi-centralized NFT platform that aggregates the creation, circulation, storage and trading of animation NFT assets. It is committed to creating ANIMETA animation metaverse with NFT as the entry point, linking the upstream and downstream of the traditional animation industry, so as to build a network with works onchain, open an excellent animation creator platform with trading and derivatives related markets as the core.

On the ANIMETA platform, animation enthusiasts and creators around the world can realize NFT casting, uploading, circulation, trading, etc. based on the platform, allowing animation enthusiasts to “close” contact with their favorite creators, and also provide creators with copyright protection , precision marketing, works NFT and other services.

Mysterybox Introduction:(Total 10000)


The ANIMETA PASS card is to commemorate the NFT project with a total of 10,000 items by the ANIMETA platform. ANIMETA aims to create a Japanese animation NFT aggregation platform to help animation creators work NFT, so that global animation fans and creators can be realized based on ANIMETA NFT minting, uploading, circulation, trading, etc.

Mysterybox category:SSR card: 1% S card: 5% N card: 94%

Event Introduction:

To celebrate the successful launch of the ANIMETA platform, as long as you complete the registration and recharge requirements, you can get the genesis airdrop of the ANIMETA platform.

Requirement: Register in the ANIMETA platform & the deposit amount is more than 1USDT

Reward: Airdrop 1 Genesis ANIMETA PASS card blind box per person

Activity time: 7 days

Invite rewards: For every two people invited by the user to complete the registration and recharge activities, an additional blind box will be airdropped

By joining the ANIMETA platform, you will have more opportunities to obtain NFT assets, such as copyright protection, precision marketing, NFT based works and other services, so that you can get closer to your favorite creators. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to participate in the construction of the animation universe on the ANIMETA platform, and enjoy more benefits and benefits.

Join us now, and let you participate in the ANIMETA platform’s new promotion activities to enjoy more discounts and benefits!

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